Zany Danger

Zany Danger is a top-leaning switch, polyamorous genderqueer sadomasochist, a mischievous alpha geek and a reaction junkie. Zany is a coordinator of the NYC TES Hypnokink Group. She has taught classes at several regional and national events and encourages people to follow their passions. Having been in the BDSM scene for over a decade, They focus on the intersection between hypnosis and kink and how each can enhance the other. They blog at “She seemed so sweet and innocent, until I got to know her.”

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Taking Their Breath Away – Hypnotic Breath Play: Use the Force!

This demo based class focuses on a topic that many people shy from trying due to safety concerns. With hypnosis, many of those dangers are less serious. Zany Danger will talk about important safety precautions for this edgy but super hot sort of play. Watch Zany Danger install the breath control suggestion and play with it! Come see their mind control fantasies become real with a sexy technique inspired by Darth Vader.

Green Carnation (LGBTQA+ Pride) Meetup!

At the green carnation meet up be proud to share your colors with people across the gender and orientation spectrum. Oscar Wilde was regularly seen wearing a green carnation on his lapel and it hinted one of his favorite ideas: that nature should imitate art. Honor the ability to share the beauty that is you at the 2017 GKE NE Pride meet up.

Kinetic Play with Zany Danger!

The intent for this class is to facilitate participants to rediscover some childlike wonder, glee and play and integrate it with to our more adult awareness and kink. We will experiment with rope, balance, connection, laughter, lust and trust. Some exciting, delightful and thrilling activities we will do are: get dizzy with a partner, be flung around the room, rope madlibs/ twister & create a human whirligig. If you are very lucky (or brave) we will toss you up in the air!
This will be an active class physically and energetically, though no fancy knots will be required (or excluded.) Be willing to meet and explore new people and make new connections.
Bring at least one 30′ length of 6mm rope, your sense of adventure and a willingness to laugh and be silly.


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