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Foam Brain Games

Purveyor of dice and gaming goodness!

Foam Brain Games is the retail and convention store you love, with a large variety of board and card games, dice, and novelties.

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Fun With Fetish

Vegan Floggers, impact toys and custom Violet wand attachments.

This shop developed over my love for creating jewelry. While I was into the lifestyle, I never thought it as a potential business. All of my jewelry pieces are one of a kind and I got requests to make more sexually oriented products. I didn’t know how to make these things to start and it took trial and error to get them down to a point I felt comfortable selling them.

My floggers are vegan because I know a lot of people are concerned about using animal hides. The other important thing about our floggers are that the materials are non-porous and can be cleaned. This means you can use them on others, although it not a practice would recommend.

If you have any questions about these items or want something custom, please let us know. We are happy to help.

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Leather byDanny

Leather by Danny has been DESIGNING and making BDSM toys for… er.. a long, long time.

Unique designs include: “The Grip Cuff”, “The Back Binder”, “Head Hammock”, Shoe Gag, “Wrap anchor” are a few.. as well as the most popular: “The Split Thumper” Come see the demos!!



Dragontailz is the largest US manufacturer of all leather Fetish toys. Crafting over 60 different toys from over 40 different leather from 5 different kinds of animals in over 20 colors we have the toy for you. Now introducing our exciting new line of handcrafted leather jewelry and fashion accessories. We have something for everyone.

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PD Kilts

Sexiest Kilts in the World for the Sexiest Customers in the World.

Geeking out on price and quality is great and all but what really keeps us going though, is when we get a customer into one of our kilts, and they feel amazing about themselves. You see a twinkle in their eye and a swagger in the step, and we almost always hear the words, “No I think ill just wear it now.

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MSW Candles

MSW Candles has been making candles since Oct. 2012 for the wax player. With a variety of sizes, colors and waxes there’s a candle for everyone.

Need a block of wax for your crock pot? We have that too. We carry black light reactive candles, wax play supplies, such as protection sheets, Aloe gel, beginner kits, and more.

We also carry a small line of fun bath and body items, including massage oils. With new items coming all the time you never know what we may surprise you with.

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Utopia Armoury

Utopia Armoury offers completely handmade chainmail goodies – including clothing such as bikini tops, scale tops, dancing skirts and belts. We also design and make jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, as well as accessories like hair sticks and clips.

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Located in Baltimore, MDAnarchy4All offers a large and changing product line to meet your kink needs. Products range from mild to wild and sensual to sadistic. We strive to offer quality products at affordable prices for whatever your fun requires.

Anarch4All searches local crafters and suppliers to find quality items that are novel, naughty, and fun. While we offer many stock items for sale we also carry a variety of unusual, one of a kind products from different kinky artisans. If you have seen something at our booth or just want to know what we currently have in stock, contact us and we will gladly discuss our current products and options.

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Agreeable Agony

Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans and kinksters from the east coast US who build beautiful handmade floggers, dragon tails, slappers, pitcher candles, claws, pretty colored bondage rope, and other unique kinky toys, and have a passion for sex education!

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Violet Wand Store

Traditional & solid state Violet Wand Kits and wand accessories; conductive rope, selection of paddles, canes, leather items.

Medical Play, TENS/EMS units and fetish kits.

In education, a selection of books & DVDs to enhance or explore a new skill!

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Industrial DisEase Toys LLC

IDE Toys doesn’t just make floggers. Our modular Triple Play Flogger System is great, not just for impact play, but also for sensation play, for Violet Wand play, and even for combinations of two, or even all three, of these at the same time.

The IDE Toys’ modular Triple Play Flogger System includes a wide variety of different, non-traditional, materials as falls for our toys, ranging from metal materials to synthetic rubber, plastics, and natural and synthetic rope.

Home of the Steampunk Light Sabers!


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Kayla Crowe
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Madame Wiladina Boutique

We are the curve loving destination with our collection of corsets to flatter your body shape. From classic to modern, from cosplay to BDSM, our corsets fit your needs.

We do not body shame with our size offering and prices. Lingerie for hot steamy moments, panties for sexy rendezvous, in sizes and prices to fit your needs.

With clothing from adorable to sexy, along with fetish, kinky, or retro fashions. You will love the way our customer service helps you feel so good in what we offer.

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Mr. Malaprop Design

Mr. Malaprop Design produces a variety of distinctive impact toys made from carefully chosen hardwoods and finished to enhance the wood’s natural beauty. All of my work is brought to a distinctively high finish with tung oil, wax, and elbow grease.

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