Registration FAQ

I haven’t received a registration link! What do I do?
Double check your spam filter. For some reason many email hosts tend to items from JME and GKE as spam by default.

If you’re still not receiving a link please contact our registration provider directly at [email protected] and say you’re having trouble registering for GKE:NE.

I want to register a ticket for a friend, but it won’t let me use my email address.
Your friend needs to register for themselves; every ticket needs a unique email address.
Can I change my registration information?
You can log in to your existing registration to make changes at any time.
How do I update or complete a registration?
Go back to the GKE:NE registration form and enter the email address you used to start your registration. You will be sent a new registration link.

Click that link and you’ll be taken directly into your registration where you can review, make changes to, pay for or otherwise complete it.

Clicking the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page will save your progress so there’s no need to click all the way through to the end (unless you need to make payment).

Friday: 4pm to10pm (please see security if you arrive after 10pm. You will need to check-in officially on Saturday morning.)
Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Sunday: 10am to Noon

1) The name you registered with MUST match you legal photo ID. No exceptions.

  • NOTE: If you registered with a typical shortening of your name, like John for Jonathan or Vicki for Victoria, that’s fine. If your legal name is Bruce and you registered as Shirley, well, that’s a problem.
  • Initials are NOT names (unless your first or last name is an initial on your gov’t ID, in which case it is). Some of you registered with just initials – not good enough. You WILL be turned away.

To update your registration, look at the bottom of your confirmation email. There’s a link there that provides instructions to update your information. Do it soon; once the reg system closes it goes into lock-down and information cannot be changed, even by me.

2) Check-in opens at 4pm on Friday, August 12. We’ll be checking staff in earlier (so they can do their jobs), but not attendees. No matter how much you cry, no matter how much you beg, we won’t feed you after mid-… Sorry, wrong instructions. Please don’t try to get us to let you in early – we won’t do it.

Refund policy
Ticket sales are final. Refunds are given only due to proven medical emergency. All refunds are made post event. If you need to request a refund, please email [email protected].

Refunds for those ineligible to attend due to age or unwilling to agree to the event rules as published prior to the event must contact Widdershins, LLC at [email protected] on or before July 16, 2016. If you are ineligible for these reasons and do not contact us, we cannot refund your money.

If you are unable to attend, you may transfer tickets. Transfer deadline is July 16, 2016. No transfers are possible after this date! The procedure listed below must be followed in order to do the transfer – no exceptions. Once we have the information listed below we’ll process the transfer and notify the involved parties. An $8.95 surcharge may apply in order to complete the transfer.

NOTE: Turtle Hill Events & THE Coil Registration do not facilitate any monetary exchange between parties giving up or receiving registrations – that is strictly between those parties.

Person Giving up Registration:
Send an email to [email protected] from the email address you registered with. In that email we need the legal name of the person giving up the registration and the legal name and email address of the person to whom the registration is being transferred. We also need to know if the transfer includes extra items like the dinner or tea.

Person Receiving Registration:
Send an email to [email protected] with your legal name and the legal name and email address of the person whose registration is being transferred to you. We also need to know if the transfer includes extra items like the dinner or tea.