Much like Alice in Wonderland, Ivy fell down the rabbit hole and has been tumbling ever since. After her start in Michigan Ivy began exploring the wonderful world of kink and has chased it around the world. As a fine arts and culinary school graduate, Ivy has been frolicking around deepening her understanding of kink, cats, and baked goods.

Cupcake and Cookie Decorating! – GKENE

If you’re taking this class at GKE Classic, fear not! We will be learning new tips and techniques at each event ( – as if you needed a reason to go to both of them!) Come to this hands-on class and learn how to create your very own geeky kinky cookies and cupcakes! We’ll feature designs from Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Geek Culture.

Love and Kink and Spoons

Based on Spoon Theory, this class delves into how to develop rich and fulfilling kink lives without using up what precious little energy you have left at the end of the day.

A Brief History of Dress: How to Cram 5000 Years Worth of Fashion into your Scene

The Clothes Make the Man. Besides, who doesn’t love playing dress up? This class will bring you up to speed on the last few millennia of fashion, then discuss how you can use this newfound knowledge to enhance your fun.

The Great Geeky/Kinky Baking Show!

Do you find yourself shouting at contestants on baking competitions? Do you love geeky, kinky things? Good! You’ve come to the right place! This year we’ll be hosting the first ever Great Geeky/Kinky Baking Show! You can bring whatever confections you like (as long as they’re homemade), but they must be finished/decorated at the con! There will be prizes!


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