Semi-Annual Play Partners

I saw them again!

In a variety of outfits distilled down to mouth-watering perfection, my semi-annual play partners (SAPPs) emerged from the depths of the con.

Like it always is, we re-meet in a tight embrace with our names on each other’s lips. A million stories wait eagerly behind each moniker. Without a doubt, these are the people I spend the majority of my time at GKE with, tucked into vending rooms or a stolen class hour or two.


“Tell me of your partners, of your work, of your passion.” “Did you go to this event, or that event?” “What happened with that dog you wanted to adopt?” “I saw you broke up online!”

A million scraps of lives we struggle to paste together under the changing image we see before us. After all of the occurrences are quilted together in neatly arranged patterns, there is a moment that lacks definition.

Whatever love has built up between us— in the many ways that one can love– blossoms again. The touch of a hand, the feel of our skin very innocently and briefly pressed together is like a prayer, to the divinity of human connection.

The meeting of two conscious and focused perspectives staring at one another creates a link between two people. These relationships are the most difficult to define because they lack the need for definition. Instead, we can be as we are, who we are, for the suspended moment that is GKE. That’s enough.

In the poly and kink world, simply out of pragmatism, there is often the compulsion to commit explicitly to all the people we love. Many BDSM and fetish activities can be pushed farther as trust builds and familiarity mounts. Our friends and lovers often overlap into incestuous groups with little influx and outflux as people live their lives. The stability of community that quickly forms into families, often in place or in substitution of biological ones, is an imperative connection that gifts us the opportunity to be better, more understanding individuals. That committed safety and consistency is truly beautiful.

However, I’m a stronger and much improved person for the love of transient moments and frequently traveling partners. GKE cries out: Live right here, right now; listen carefully and place important moments in my heart because they are so rare and brief; let go and say good-bye for a while; accept love in the many ways it comes to me, in all its variety and measures.

GKE is a fabulous collision of interests, and people, and places all crammed together in a menagerie of blissful wonder. Ball pits, classes, meetups, and all the personal moments wrap around each other in one of the most savory whirlwinds imaginable.

There we are, my SAPPs and I, eternally grateful for GKE and this stolen moment in an overly defined world.

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