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Sadistic Massage and Nerve Clusters

Stella! danceinmypants (the Brooklyn Bomber)This is a 201 to compliment the Anatomy and Massage 101 class. There are few things I get more curiosity about, and more solicitations for, then sadistic massage. Sadistic massage is a perfect way to learn how to have an awesome S/M scene without the physical separation of toys.

Learn how to make your hands into pain dispensers! We will learn about the human nervous system, and nerve clusters, as well as further study about lactic acid in cramped and knotted muscles. Then we will take this knowledge and apply it to knot removal, and pressure point sadistic massage technique.

In this class we will go over: how to negotiate a sadistic massage scene, post sadistic-massage care, and the joy of deep muscle pain. This is a hands on class (HA!) so please bring:
questions, your own massage equipment (oil, towels, etc.), and a friend to practice on who’s willing to switch (in the class,) for science!

Presented by: Stella! danceinmypants (aka the Brooklyn Bomber – pictured left…and if you ask us, that’s totally who we want teaching us sadistic massage. Cause she is BADASS.)