Polyphonist (Geneviève) is a polyamorous, panromantic, gray ace writer, singer, burlesque dancer, actress, and activist.

She is the Artistic & Programming Director for Jeff Mach Events and co-founded The White Elephant Burlesque Society, where she spent six years dancing, singing, choreographing, and co-directing before semi-retiring four years ago. She directed the very first production of Jeff Mach’s play “Seeds” at the inaugural GKE in 2011. Her YA short stories have been commissioned and published online and a piece of her erotica can be found in The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology.

Geneviève enjoys floggers/flogging, being thrown against walls by people she trusts, and taking long drives to talk and seek adventure. A self-proclaimed musical theatre geek, she knows all the words to Les Misèrables and will happily do “Confrontation” with anyone willing to sing Javert’s role.

Website FetLife

Botanical Beatings: A Class in Rose Flogging

Most people concur that roses are gorgeous. However, did you know that they are more than just beautiful decoration…they’re a fun, versatile bouquet of sensation! In this class, learn how the most ouchy part of the rose isn’t always the thorn. We’ll go over the basics of how-to administer a rose flogging, from the selection process to technique, and also how to engage all the senses in this innovative method of impact play.


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