Lilah Rose is best encapsulated as a sapiosexual, polyamorous, social introvert with a fetish for educating and corrupting the not-so-innocent. A masochistic switch, she is always interested in sexy experients for science, especially if they involve rope, impact, or psychological spelunking. Outside of her kink life she teaches about mental health, models in various genres, and is an avid crafter and horse-woman


BDSM and Mental Health

My magic 8 ball of statistics says it’s very likely that you or someone you care about deals with a mental illness? Mental illness is an extremely common but little understood and highly stigmatized issue in our society.

In this class we will talk about some of the basics of mental illness and how it can affect you and loved ones in the context of kink and BDSM. After busting some of the myths surrounding mental illness we will cover the basics of thought and mood disorders, how to find effective treatment, how to be supportive and be supported, and how to differentiate between therapeutic activities and therapy, and where kink fits in the spectrum.

We’re (not) All Mad Here; Coping Skills: For Life, Kink, and Cons

Conventions are intense, emotionally, physically, mentally, and often sexually. Even when we’re flying high during, many of us deal with the bummer of “con drop” after the fun is over. Life outside of conventions tends not to be real easy either, most of us deal with intense stressors of some kind, normal ones and the special ones that come with being kinky fuckers. In this class you will learn and have a chance to practice skills and techniques to keep mind, body, and emotions healthy wherever you may find yourself. Participation encouraged (but not required)

Boundary Control; How to Say “No”

“No” is a very difficult thing to say, but it is one of the most important ways to keep yourself safe in the scene. Many of us have been raised, and are eager, to please. We fear saying no will disappoint someone and cause us to be disliked. While it’s easy to tell someone to “just say no” many of us have a very difficult time putting that into practice. This class offers perspective, techniques, and practice in ways to say “No”.

Fixing Your Fuckup

As kinksters we spend a lot of time learning how to prevent consent violations but unfortunately even the best preparations and intentions aren’t always enough. In this class we will discuss what to do when you have been hurt, or hurt someone else, and how both sides can move forward with integrity, maturity, and compassion.


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