Hypnosis, Doll, and Android Play

dartagnanHypnosis, Doll, and Android Play (Do Subjects Dream of Spiral Sheep)

Have you ever wanted to get deeper into your doll or living machine head-space? Does rewiring the brain for service, or creating that wonderful “ball and socket” feeling in your limbs really turn you on (like a machine, get it… I’m so sorry)? Do you want to see what it would be like to have a realistic robot butler, and happen to have a consenting and interested partner lying around? If so this may be the class for you. In this “please try this at home” style presentation, D’artagnan goes over some of the Hypnotic tips and tricks for finding your ideal doll (android, robot, golem, seriously have fun with it) head-space. Come out not only with some fun kinky ideas, but a greater understanding of how creative you can get with hypnosis. We’ll go over everything from the mental to the physical and give you the tools you need for the most enriching possible scenes.

D’artagnan is a New York based Hypnotist, producer of hypnotic (often horror based) audio recordings and a co-coordinator of TES’s Hypnosis group. For the last few years, he has dedicated an inordinate amount of time to developing experimental skills and techniques for kinksters like yourselves. Deeply (no pun intended) dedicated to developing his own skills and the skills of people in the hypno-kink community, D’artagnan is always looking for creative, strange ways to make use of hypnotic trance.

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