Geeky Kink With Jeff Mach!

“I once taught a goldfish to whistle, though, in retrospect, it turns out to be a whistle in the shape of a goldfish.”

Jeff Mach is a playwright, musician, and the creator of Jeff Mach Events, which runs:

He’s been in the kink community for just under twenty-five years. He lives at home with his husband, and a workload the size of Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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Events with Jeff Mach!

The Mighty Blanket Fortress

It’s time to get serious about making The Great Geeky Kink Blanket Fortress! We’ll be borrowing some materials from the hotel, but we want YOU to bring some blankets and pillows. Get ready to help us build and install the Mightiest Blanket Fort Ever! (Be sure to mark your blankets/bedding so you can be sure to get it back when we take the fort down!)

Geeky Time Capsule

Let’s make a time capsule, to be opened in two years! What geeky, nerdy items will you put in it? What would you like future nerds to remember about this year? What symbolizes this year’s Geeky Kink for you? Bring your items to the KinkCardia/JME Mech Booth, and we’ll do a box-sealing ceremony on Sunday.

Ballpit Pool Party

Yes! We’re going to do it! We’re going to take thousands of ballpit balls Sunday morning and throw them into the pool, and have a ballpit pool party! Bring your own bucket – we have WAY more balls than you think. Bonus points for people who help us set the balls out to dry on Sunday afternoon.

Unforgivable Curses: A Teensy Bit Of Hypnotic Potterverse Torture

Good news: Magic is real!
Bad news: You can’t usually access it in this reality.
Good news: You can, with hypnosis!
Bad news: The Ministry of Magic frowns deeply upon demonstrating horrible hypnotic curses on your demo bottom.
Good news: The Ministry of Magic is definitely not real.

Come to this informative little chat, with delightful exhibition of some of the effects of curses upon an appropriately tranced and consenting individual.


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