Your friendly neighborhood science guy, Feivel always has hugs to give and probably something to blow up.

Kinky Candle Lighting

We once again invite one and all, Jewish, not-Jewish, Jew-ish, curious, bi-curious, tri-curious (whatever that means to you), whomever you are, to come to the lighting of candles to bring in the Sabbath (Shabbat).
There will be wine, challah (yummy bread), candle lighting, and song. Feel free to join us and ask questions or join in or watch and tap your watches and ask when the next event is starting.

Wax Play Social

Following candle-lighting, there will be waxplay! This is NOT a class but it IS a great place to come and have fun, meet people, and try some sensual waxplay. This is a very informal event and is great for beginners and experts alike. Open communication and consent are warmly practiced here – want to feel wax or apply wax to someone? Just ask! We bring the wax, you bring the canvas. Feel free to bring wax of your own too! At the end of the event, come play parachute outside, as we “clean” the tarp!

Glow-y Pool Party of Awesomeness

Do you like pools? Do you like parties? Do you like lasers and light up things??? Come to the clothing optional laser pool party!! Always one of the best parties of a GKE weekend, we close the lights, haze the space, and turn on the lasers. Come with your own light up goodies to add to the fun!! There will be music, glow sticks, and beautiful people! Come be one of them!
Please note, no latex is allowed in the pool to keep those with latex allergies safe. This includes light up balloons and body paint! Also, no bodily fluids in the pool. Sorry, we need to keep it sanitary and safe!

Impact Lab (the Physics of Phloggers)

What makes toys stingy? Thuddy? Owie? Ahhh-ey?

Feivel will bring some cool tools (thermal camera, spectrum analyzer, etc…)

YOU bring bring your favorite toys and subs. Let’s see what makes your floggers, whips, and paddles feel and sound so different. Could some of this tech be used for predicament? For sensory fun? Design or choose your new toys with SCIENCE!


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