The dungeon is a place, not simply for great gear or a fantastic atmosphere for play, but also that great joy of kink parties: knowing that we are not alone in the strange, wonderful things we do.
Jeff Mach

The  Dungeon is open through most of the event.

Sex will be allowed in the Dungeon on Saturday and Sunday. Please read the Dungeon Rules, listed both here and below, carefully.

Dungeon hours and Sex Timing Chart:

Day Sex Permitted
Indoor Dungeon hours 5pm-3am
Indoor Dungeon hours 11am-3am
Indoor Dungeon hours 11am-5pm

Dungeon Rules

We made these rules recognizing our diverse community, the strong presence of new members, the limitations of the venue, and a desire for freedom of action tempered by safety. Mostly safety.

  • Listen to the DMs and medics. They are there to help you and have the final say on matters within the Dungeons.
  • Drug and alcohol use are prohibited in the Dungeons. Anyone found to be or suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the dungeons and possibly the event. See the Drug and Alcohol policy.
  • Outside of the photo hours (which are the first two hours each Dungeon is open on each day of the event) no cameras, cell phones, nor other photo capable devices are to be used in the dungeon. Please turn your devices OFF and ideally, leave them in your room. See the Photo Policy.
  • The event safeword is RED. If a DM staff member hears red, they may come over to observe your scene to make sure everything is okay and give the top a chance to deal with the RED on their own. If RED is called repeatedly with no sign of stopping, a DM WILL step in and make sure everything is okay.
  • Please respect other people’s scenes and personal space while playing or in aftercare. Do not interrupt or join them without permission.
  • Please respect other people’s toys and equipment and don’t touch them without permission.
  • Touching other people without their express consent, regardless of whether or not it is sexual, is not allowed at GKE: NE. Doing so may cause your removal from the dungeons and/or event, subject to our company Harassment policy.
  • No solicitation. Accepting pay for sexual services of any kind is illegal in Connecticut. That includes BDSM, Professional dominant/submissive services, and “personal training” of an erotic nature, even when payment is made off-site. Solicitation is prohibited and violators will be removed from the event without refund.


  • Needle and medical play are allowed. They must, however, take place in the medical play area.
  • Wax play is allowed. You must cover the floor before play and do not leave wax burners unattended.
  • Knife play is allowed. All items used for play must be legal to own and carry in the State of Connecticut.
  • Please clean up after yourself, including the equipment and the floor. Cleaning supplies are provided. If you will be unable to clean up due to the nature of your aftercare needs, please plan ahead and seek assistance.
  • Please do not monopolize any of the equipment.
  • Please refrain from intentionally releasing fragrances.
  • Please do not bring glass bottles or other breakables into the dungeons. Keep food use in the dungeons restricted and please do not consume meals in the dungeons.
  • Due to low ceilings, please limit whips, single tails and other impact toys to those 4 feet (48″) in length.

Sex is allowed in the indoor dungeon on Saturday and Sunday, and in the Outdoor Dungeon on all three days. Please respect these rules.

  • Penetration, manual penetration and penetration with toys, including strap-ons, is allowed.
  • Strapons require condoms.
  • Condoms, gloves, or other appropriate barriers are required for interacting with genitals or anuses, even for fluid bonded couples.
  • Chux must be used for intercourse.
  • Do not ejaculate into anything other than a condom.

The following forms of play are not allowed in the GKE: NE dungeons:

  • feces play/Scat
  • urine play/golden showers
  • vomit play/Romans
  • anus to anus contact
  • anus to mouth contact
  • fluid exchange

The following types of play require a check-in with a DM and approval of your scene before commencing:

  • wax play
  • knife play
  • blood play
  • medical play (see medical play rules)
  • play involving replica firearms.

The event and DMs reserve the right to stop play, restrict scenes, and remove people from the dungeons at their discretion.

Want to help? If you are interested in serving as a DM, or helping out on the Dungeon Assembly Team, please fill out the Volunteer Application.