A rock climber and sailor, Delmara liked rope before tying her first single column tie. After going to a rope class as her first kink event, she began learning rope obsessively, going to rope groups, reading books, and tying herself. She is a rope switch and a self-tyer. She enjoys connecting and embellishing simple ties to make beautiful rope designs on her body and pushing her limits as a top and bottom as she spins and changes positions in the air.

Tying Yourself

From bunnies who want to spend more time in rope to riggers who want to practice without a partner, kinksters of all different roles and genders can enjoy self tying! In this workshop we’ll discuss safety considerations specific to self tying, limitations you might encounter, and different approaches to self tying. We will learn some hitches and tensions and use them to get creative tying ourselves up.

Stepping into the Rope: an Introduction to Rope Bondage

Come learn some basics of rope bondage! We will start from the very beginning and discuss types of rope, safety and injury prevention, and negotiation for rope scenes before picking up some rope. We will learn a few basic ties and talk about how to use them in scenes. There will be rope available for you to use or you can bring your own.


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