Dat Ash: Cigar Service & Play

erotivweratomicAs cigars are become more and more popular, it can be difficult to weed out the useful information from the not so useful. What do all those words mean? How do I figure out what cigars I like? How do I light this thing? This class covers a lot of information: Cigar anatomy. Where do cigars come from? Are Cuban cigars really all they are cracked up to be? Different types of cigars. Wrappers. Prepping cigars for smoking and play. What is cigar play? Cigar etiquette. And more!

Presented by Ren Laine

Ren Laine, aka eroticwetatomic, is a pervert with experience. Ren identifies as a sadomasochist, a submissive, a little and a monster. She is an experienced cigar jockey and boot black. She has been running Cigars, Boots & Chocolate. Maryland’s largest kinky cigar social since 2014. Ren loves to educate and often travels to teach, boot black and host CBC. She enjoys service and suffering and is almost always down for a good cigar.

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