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A plethora of workshops await your at GKE: NE!


Jeff Mach Event’s own Jakal Blackwell steps up to the stage in these exciting events!

Can You Kink It?

I’m your host, Dr. Jakal Blackwell.
In this game, we will have bags of randomly assorted items; (toasters, spoons, hockey pucks, old used sharpies, gummy worms.. Etc). It is your goal to work as a team quickly against fellow kinksters to make the best Geeky, Kinky item you can in just 60 minutes. Teams will be supplied with limited resources, so they better think smart!
Come and build your hearts out on our first ever Can You Kink It!?
Our winners will recieve a special ribbon for their badges and bragging rights until GKE Classic!

Can You Kink It: Celebrity Showdown!?

Welcome to Can You Kink It: Celebrity Showdown!? I’m your host, Dr. Jakal Blackwell.
In this version of Can You Kink It, we’re challenging our presenters! 3 – 5 presenters will be given bags of randomly assorted items; (toasters, spoons, hockey pucks, old used sharpies, gummy worms.. Etc). The goal is to work quickly against fellow kinksters to make the best geeky, kinky item they can in just 60 minutes.
Come and watch and cheer presenters as they build their hearts out, then vote on your favorite item.
Our winner will recieve a special ribbon for their badges and bragging rights until GKE Classic!

Fire Wand Making

In this class, you will learn a few different ways to create your own fire play wands. _Jakal will be teaching about the materials that work best, techniques for a long lasting fire wand, and teaching a hands-on demonstration for making a basic fire play torch. Every person that participates will walk away with a playable Fire wand and a basic safety sheet on how to use it.

Space is limited, preregistration is recommended. Walk-ins will be admitted if open space remains.

There is a $10 per person materials cost, that can be paid via paypal. Please use the form below to register for this class and receive instructions on paying the materials fee. Seating is limited to 15 people.
Sign-up here!

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AzureByte is an out and about human who thrives on combining interesting things, ideas, and concepts just to see what will happen. In their free time they like to bake, craft, cuddle, and generally make the people around them feel amazing. Their day job involves pondering all the ways that a certain compound can prove lethal, while simultaneously extolling its fitness benefits. For fun they present workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from gender and theology to self-care and crafting, which they’ve been doing since 2011.

Littles Swim with Songs & Games

Attention all you little ones and kids at heart! Come join us for aquatic adventures! This pre-school themed workshop provides an opportunity to (re)learn how to swim with songs and games to suit the most high-energy youngsters. We’ll explore getting in the water, blowing bubbles with the fish, diving for treasure, and lots of other fun water skill building games. No previous swimming ability is required, all are welcome.

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Your friendly neighborhood science guy, Feivel always has hugs to give and probably something to blow up.

Kinky Candle Lighting

We once again invite one and all, Jewish, not-Jewish, Jew-ish, curious, bi-curious, tri-curious (whatever that means to you), whomever you are, to come to the lighting of candles to bring in the Sabbath (Shabbat).
There will be wine, challah (yummy bread), candle lighting, and song. Feel free to join us and ask questions or join in or watch and tap your watches and ask when the next event is starting.

Wax Play Social

Following candle-lighting, there will be waxplay! This is NOT a class but it IS a great place to come and have fun, meet people, and try some sensual waxplay. This is a very informal event and is great for beginners and experts alike. Open communication and consent are warmly practiced here – want to feel wax or apply wax to someone? Just ask! We bring the wax, you bring the canvas. Feel free to bring wax of your own too! At the end of the event, come play parachute outside, as we “clean” the tarp!

Glow-y Pool Party of Awesomeness

Do you like pools? Do you like parties? Do you like lasers and light up things??? Come to the clothing optional laser pool party!! Always one of the best parties of a GKE weekend, we close the lights, haze the space, and turn on the lasers. Come with your own light up goodies to add to the fun!! There will be music, glow sticks, and beautiful people! Come be one of them!
Please note, no latex is allowed in the pool to keep those with latex allergies safe. This includes light up balloons and body paint! Also, no bodily fluids in the pool. Sorry, we need to keep it sanitary and safe!

Impact Lab (the Physics of Phloggers)

What makes toys stingy? Thuddy? Owie? Ahhh-ey?

Feivel will bring some cool tools (thermal camera, spectrum analyzer, etc…)

YOU bring bring your favorite toys and subs. Let’s see what makes your floggers, whips, and paddles feel and sound so different. Could some of this tech be used for predicament? For sensory fun? Design or choose your new toys with SCIENCE!

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Mechanics, theory, art, storytelling, programming/manufacturing… if it has anything to do with game design, GirlinArmor has at least dabbled in it. She also loves science, has won several awards for her fiction and creative nonfiction, and still writes sci-fi novels in her spare time. Basically, she’s a huge nerd.

Game Design: Concept to Execution

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a game studio? Girlinarmor will talk about her experiences as a game designer and project manager, using a series of progressively more polished prototypes to demonstrate different stages in a game’s development process. She’ll answer any questions and, as time permits, provide a hands-on demo of the playtest/feedback/revision process.
This workshop is open to everyone interested in games & game design: professionals, hobbyists, or just folks who want a sneak peak at a new card game before it hits the shelves.

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The very first kink event Hermes went to was a rope bondage meeting, and he was hooked. Since then, he has tied hundreds of people in all sorts of situations. He enjoys the connection, control, and technical challenge of rope bondage. His Fetlife profile is under the name MercuryBurning (link below), where you can find many pictures of his work.


Different Ways of “Connecting” with Rope

The term “Connective” rope has been used in various contexts, but often refers to a specific style. At its core, though, rope bondage is an experience involving two or more people. The experience is not always sensual.
In this class, we will go over different ways that I have seen people interact when rope bondage is involved, and there will be short exercises where attendees can try out each way. This is in no way an exhaustive survey of how people do rope bondage, but it will help show the versatility of rope bondage.

Grappling for Fun and Play

Grappling and wrestling with your partner can be an extremely enjoyable experience.
In this class, we will go over basic safety, and how to first negotiate the scene. Then, we will start going through a few simple things one can do, whether partners prefer to grapple on equal terms, or if there is a power dynamic involved.
This class will have a lot of audience participation for those who desire to try things out.

Paracord: Big Fun in a Small Package

Paracord is a strong utility cord which has several very nice properties for bondage. It is also easily obtained, cheap, and easily cleaned.
This class first introduces how paracord can be used in bondage, and teaches some simple ties which make use of some of the interesting properties of paracord.

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Masterfultouch is a professional presenter with a performance background. His programs are imaginative, intuitive and immediately useful. He delivers meaningful material in an enjoyable way. His goal is to help individuals and kink organizations improve to the quality of their relationships without losing the fun of their experiences.

Applying Improv Theater Principles to Kink Relationships in order to Enhance Communication, Creativity, & Collaboration

Successful kink relationships require a lot of work. You need skills in communication, creativity, authenticity, expanding one’s comfort zone, judgment suspension, open-mindedness, vulnerability, and curiosity. Same is true of improv.
In this entertaining, informative and immediately applicable program we’ll go behind the curtain and into the mind of improvisers and leave with ways to be more confident individuals, better relationship partners and with new ways to explore our possibilities. The entire program is informal, interactive and involving. Participation is completely voluntary. No one will be singled out to volunteer.

Kink-prov Jam

Come join us for a lots of fun. No previous Improv experience is necessary. We’ll go through a variety of improv games using volunteers. I’ll describe a game, go over the simple instructions and then let teams of 2, 4 or more bring those games into reality. There will also will be games that folks can play in their seats without getting on stage. Think of the event as a play space that is a cross between Whose Line Is It Anyway, 50 Shades of Gray, & America’s Got Talent.

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Ms. Susannah

Susannah has been active in the BDSM/Kink community for nearly 10 years. She has taught basic rope classes as well as how to tie up the cock and balls in at both local and regional events. A teacher by profession and training, she has nearly 20 years of experience teaching everything from anatomy to physics to rope bondage. In her spare time, she enjoys torturing consenting folks, knitting, and photography.

Website Tumblr Twitter FetLife

Kinky on a Budget

Are you put off by the cost of all the awesome toys you see in classes and play parties? Do you volunteer at cons and sleep four people (or more) to a hotel room because that’s all your budget allows?
Kinky fun does NOT have to wreck your budget! Come learn how to use and adapt a wide variety of inexpensive, everyday materials to meet most kinky desires.
Do you have your own budget-friendly ideas for kinky toys? Bring them to class and share! We’ll have some time for a share out and the end of the session.

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pixel_queer is a media and performance artist, teacher, and researcher who loves to hack various art forms and clothing. Their specialty is the moving image in video and performance. Currently they are mixing various martial arts forms into dance and movement.

Website Vimeo YouTube Sample

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Theory of Boxing for Weirdos and Queerdos

Learn basic boxing moves and safety, as well as how to shadow box and move to music to help remember your moves. Participants should come in loose clothing and have an open mind and awareness of their body.

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Polyphonist (Geneviève) is a polyamorous, panromantic, gray ace writer, singer, burlesque dancer, actress, and activist.

She is the Artistic & Programming Director for Jeff Mach Events and co-founded The White Elephant Burlesque Society, where she spent six years dancing, singing, choreographing, and co-directing before semi-retiring four years ago. She directed the very first production of Jeff Mach’s play “Seeds” at the inaugural GKE in 2011. Her YA short stories have been commissioned and published online and a piece of her erotica can be found in The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology.

Geneviève enjoys floggers/flogging, being thrown against walls by people she trusts, and taking long drives to talk and seek adventure. A self-proclaimed musical theatre geek, she knows all the words to Les Misèrables and will happily do “Confrontation” with anyone willing to sing Javert’s role.

Website FetLife

Botanical Beatings: A Class in Rose Flogging

Most people concur that roses are gorgeous. However, did you know that they are more than just beautiful decoration…they’re a fun, versatile bouquet of sensation! In this class, learn how the most ouchy part of the rose isn’t always the thorn. We’ll go over the basics of how-to administer a rose flogging, from the selection process to technique, and also how to engage all the senses in this innovative method of impact play.

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Queer. Kinkster. Nerd. Slut. Educator. Activist.

Redrobin is a Vancouver, Canada based alternative sexuality educator.

Vice President of Metro Vancouver Kink, she identifies as a queer, genderfluid(she/her), polyamorous switch. Her background in nursing has fueled her passion for the human body and mind, and favors play involving growling or giggling!

You can learn more about her at her website.

Website FetLife Twitter

Events with Redrobin!

Pain Processing 101

Hormones, endorphins, and blood flow – Oh my! In this workshop we will be exploring the basic physiological responses to intense sensations, and how your emotional state effects those responses.
Whether you’re a top or a bottom, this information can be incredibly useful in understanding the human body, mind, and when you use this information to your advantage you will be exceedingly more successful in achieving your goals in a scene. Are you aiming for subspace? Cathartic release? Fear and restlessness? Getting down and nerdy with the basics of how the body processes strong sensations is a great place to start!


There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of having and controlling a person’s ability to breathe, or of giving yours to someone else! In this demonstration based workshop, we’re going to start off by getting nice and nerdy and discuss how the human body reacts to being deprived of oxygen or blood flow. Topics such as safety, minimizing risks, and playing at home vs. parties will be discussed. Then brace yourself for some breathtaking demonstrations with methods, tips, tricks and more!

Chests & Nipples: Secondary Sex Traits Take the Lead!

Chests, breasts, pectoral mass, and a variety of nipples!
This demonstration based workshop is for all bodies and genders, focusing on how to how to include these often forgotten parts in your play. Safety, gender dysphoria, and fun things to help bring attention and take care of these frequently ignored areas that can be so much fun!

Poking for Fun! Needle Play for All Levels

What is it about needles that captivates us? Is it the variety of sensations created by them? The fear brought by them? The medical aspect associated with them? The artistic and visual appeal? Or is it the sheer ‘wrongness’ of it all?
Whatever the drive is, we’ll explore it! We’ll be covering needle basics, risks, proper disposal and safety. Then we’ll have some fun, exploring different techniques, placement, uses for chronic pain, blood play and suturing!

Can We Talk About Consent?

Presented by Redrobin, this lecture/discussion based workshop will be about consent. When it comes to both sex and BDSM, obtained consent is the difference between a major violation and a good time for everyone. Consent is the backbone to BDSM; it’s what makes what we do okay. Whether you’re new to kink or an experienced player, everyone can benefit! Come join us as we get together to discuss the importance of consent and how to obtain it!

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Her Supreme Royal Majesty, Queen Rosa has been a performing musician and music educator for over 30 years. As a member of the SCA (society for creative anachronism) she has been inducted into the Order of the Troubadour (East Kingdom) for her skill with middle eastern drumming, saz, and violin. When not performing Her Majesty enjoys playing on the butt of Her lord-in-waiting, Austro.

Supreme Queen Rosa is also a co-founder of NEPOCK (New England People of Color Kinksters and their allies) group and munches which are held on a regularly irregular schedule throughout New England.

Her Majesty has been a panelist for NEDs on their 2016 FemDom panel. Her kink hobbies include single tail whipping, CBT, and butt drumming. If you perchance to meet Her, kindly remember Her name is pronounced:
“Your Majesty”

Middle Eastern Butt Drumming

Participants should either bring a person whose butt will be used as a drum, or a darabuka, djembe or other drum. Melody instruments and singers welcomed, however, this workshop is participatory and EVERYONE in the workshop will be expected to either play or be played upon. Regardless of whether you cannot hold a beat or you are a star at the fire circle you will find something fun to take away from this workshop.
Bellydancers needed.

NEPOCK meet and greet

Join the NEPOCK (New England People of Color Kinksters and their allies) group for a casual meet and greet hosted by SupremeQueenRosa.
If you are not translucent you count.
Join us! We have chocolates!

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