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Kinky Science Theater 3000

Kinky Science Theater 3000

Do you love RiffTrax? Or Cinematic Titanic? Or the brand new Netflix MST3K?

Well, we couldn’t get you any of those.

But we could afford an off-brand MST3K knock-off: Kinky Science Theater 3000!

Come watch the brain-melting insanity of an embarrassing bit of soft-core sci-fi as it gets riffed by a human, two make-believe aliens, and a couple of saucy robot puppets.

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Sailor Sunshine

Sailor Sunshine is fiery goddess of light. She will make you hot with her fire skills in fire fans, fire hoop, palm torches & fire fleshing. As she soars through the air on her aerial hoop she will leaning you gasping for air! Not satisfied? She will rock your world with her bad ass hula hooping skills


Fire/Burlesque/Aerial Performance

Sailor Sunshine will be performing all things sexy and fierce! She will mesmerize you with her aerial skills, blow you away with her hula hooping and set fire to your soul with her fire acts!

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