Sex Geek Applied – All about Lube


Why do so many sex shops seem to have an entire wall devoted to nothing but lube? It all does the same thing, right?

Not quite!

Come explore the subtleties of different types, from water-based to silicone to oil! What lubes work best for your favorite kinds of play? Do ingredients matter, and are there some better avoided? Come learn how to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Transformation and Hypnosis (I’m a Fairy Goddam Princess and So Can You!)

Drawing by @sangii

Drawing by @sangii

3..2..1 aand you’re a dragon.

While it might not be that simple, hypnosis can be used for all sorts of fantastical forms of transformation play. Whether it’s making your partner feel like they really do have that extra set of ears and a tail, or making them feel like something from another world, hypnotic trance can make it happen. Join D-Artagnan and Mailody in testing the limits of hypnotic transformation in a safe and interactive environment.

While this is an intermediate to advanced level class, beginners are always welcome.

Hypnosis for Fear-Play

We’ve all had the paranoid notion that the creaking noise coming from downstairs was not “just the pipes” but a maniac with a hatchet. Through Hypnosis, we can take advantage of that feeling and have some fun with it. If that description didn’t scare you away (see what I did there) join D’artagnan in learning how to set up the most frightening possible scene with your partner(s). Through a series of demos, Q&A sessions, and open discussion we’ll go over the best way to scare the daylights out of someone while staying risk aware enough to make sure no one’s scared off for good.

Hypnosis 101

Drawing by @sangii

Drawing by @sangii

Hypnosis is a diverse and useful art both in and out of kink, but starting off can be intimidating. With what seems like an endless variety of inductions and techniques, it’s hard to know where to start.

Join D-Artagnan and Mailody in learning some of the basic techniques and tropes behind hypnosis, alongside ethical negotiation practices to get you started off. After each demonstration, the induction will be described clearly by both the hypnotist and subject with time allotted to answer questions.

This class is suitable for beginners.

Impact and D/s

​Fate’s arrow, when expected, travels slow.
Dante Alighieri

This workshop will look at principles of impact play in general, and combine them with concepts in using impact for D/s purposes.

Do you need to be a heavy masochist to achieve D/s states while receiving a beating? How might the mental and physical interact in ways which create stronger intellectual and emotional responses? What’s the intellectual value in smacking someone around? What sorts of social and cultural forces can affect and enhance our play? Can we address mind-body duality in ways which leave awesome bruises?

The Many Moods of Bondage (Demo)

A tie can possess many moods, from erotic, to dominating, to violent, to protecting.

This class looks at those moods, where the top should draw inspiration from, what things to add to the scene to make that flow, and what it looks like when they come together.


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