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“__ism” Isn’t Dead

Too often the media and society imply that we live and love in a post-racial, post-sexist society where all enjoy equal access to opportunity. While this is the goal we are all working towards, we still have a long way to go. Beyond the larger societal issues that we all agree are bad, there are many small ways in which folks experience slights and discrimination on a daily basis, even in safe spaces like our conventions and events.

Join us for a provocative discussion on the ways that isms still exist, and how to respond to make the world, or at least our conventions and our leather community a safer and happier place.

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Age Play 101

Age play is described as any role play that involves being a different age than your chronological age and yet there is so much to it than that. Maybe you’ve been curious but afraid to try it or maybe you just don’t understand what the appeal or the “rules” are, or perhaps you are getting involved with someone who is into age play….well this intro is for you.

Age Play 101 will introduce the world of ABDL, littles, middles, Bigs and babygirl/babyboy in a judgement free, comprehensive discussion style group.

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Agreeable Agony


Toys for pleasure, and toys for pain.

Agreeable Agony is a collective of crafters/artisans and kinksters from the east coast who make beautiful handmade floggers, unique impact toys, candles, claws, pretty colored hemp and MFP bondage rope, and have a passion for sex education!

Come check us out, we have demo bottoms and demo tops available for the curious!

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Animal and Pet Play

An educational and fun-filled presentation on animal role play including (but not limited to!) power-exchange dynamics, safety/consent tips, ways to improve communication and get more enjoyment with your partner.

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Anticipatory Service

Define and come to a better understanding of the difference between short-term and long-term obedience based service and how these differ from anticipatory service.

Whether you’re into receiving service, giving service, or both, this class will review how to negotiate this type of service, cues that will help you implement it, and help you think of ways to “surprise” your partner with excellent service.

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Applied Humiliation: The Science of Practical Emotional Sadism

Already have a general idea of what humiliation is? Want to learn different ways to apply it in scene? Need some new or unique ideas to add to your humiliation play?

This is a Humiliation 2.0 class that will touch on some of the applied science behind emotional sadism. We’ll go over linguistic applications of humiliation as well as physical humiliation and how the two can tie together.

We’ll attempt to answer questions like, “How do I negotiate this stuff?”, “How mean can someone really be?”, and a favorite, “Do I really have to do this?”.

The class will be half lecture-based and half-discussion based with the chance for interactive activities and demos.

Note: this is a more advanced humiliation class so prior knowledge in the area is recommended.

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The Basics of Safe Impact Play

Have you thought about hitting people with things, but want to do it safely? This class will explore pleasurable yet safe impact play with a wide variety of implements: paddles, sticks, rods, whips, crops, floggers, pervertables and, of course, your hands.

The age-old conflict between thud and sting will be explored and demystified.

I will conclude with a short description of orgasmic butt punching.

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Bootplay: How to Have More “Sole”

If you’re into boots, bootblacking, or being stomped on and want to create a bootplay scene or need some ideas for that hot boot scene you’re already crafting, you’ll find this class interesting and engaging.

Whether you’re a top or a bottom, there is a way to create a sensual or sadistic edge to your bootplay scene. This class will touch on creative aspects of bootblacking and boot/leather worship as well as ways to construct a sadistic boot scene.

In addition, it will touch on how bootblacking and bootplay can intersect with other types of play (i.e. rope, humiliation, degradation, objectification, etc).

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Consensual Manipulative and Coercive Ageplay

If you’re a Mommy or Daddy who has a desire to coerce your little into doing something naughty, or you’re a little that likes to manipulate your Big into giving you what you want, this class will engage you in thinking about the different ways that both tops and bottoms can use coercion and manipulation in ageplay.

The class will emphasize the risks that come with this type of play and will explore different types of control that can be used when one plays with age. Everyone welcome whether you’re a little, a Big, or both!

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Dirty Shakespeare


The Bard was not the over analyzed, over studied playwright reserved for classrooms and snooty films we know today. He was a popular entertainer, beloved by the groundlings as much as the hoi polloi.

We will read over a few of Shakespeare’s filthiest scenes, unbury the dirty jokes from the scholarly dust, and have fun with Dramatic Reading.

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Dragontailz Leather

dragontailz3Dragontailz is one of nation’s largest leather fetish toy manufacturers. Sir Randy is a leather smith with 20 years experience and specializes in producing extremely high quality dragontails, floggers, collars, bats, cuffs/restraints. The unique and exclusive design makes our product distinctly different. All higher end products carrying a life-time warranty.

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Erotic ​​Genitorture


Genitorture and fucking are rarely put together, at least in that order. We’re going to talk about techniques and practices for combining CBT or twat torture with various forms of good old fashioned, orgasm inducing activities like intercourse, oral sex, and “hands on” stimulation.

Join us to discuss the do’s, the don’ts, and the didn’t know you could’s of Erotic Genitorture.

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Fear Play

There is no passion so contagious as that of fear.
Michel de Montaigne

Fear is excitement without breath.
Robert Heller

How do we approach the art of creating, sculpting, and using the element of fear in our play?

This introduction to fearplay will approach it from angles both physical and psychological.

There will also be hypnosis, though you don’t need to do, or be interested in, hypnosis to enjoy this class.

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Flagging Crafting and History!


Flagging is the use of accessories to indicate your interest in certain activities without a word!

This class will teach a little bit about the history and traditions of flagging in Gay, Leather, and BSDM subcultures. We will brainstorm ways to adapt flagging to today’s scene while respecting that history and queering modern applications to fit todays culture. Discuss basic how-tos, brainstorming about the limits of flagging, and questions of consent will be covered also.

After class we will provide fabric and other crafting materials for you to make your own mini-flags and there MIGHT be coloring.

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Great Mistakes in D/s

Dominance and submission is both an art and a craft. Some can teach these things through illustrating success. Some of us learn by failing six times and getting up seven times.

I will teach you about some spectacular kinds of D/s mistakes I have made, seen, or heard of.

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Grounding, Centering, and Shielding for Kinksters

When a scene has set you spinning, but it’s time to transition back to a normal state, how do you find stability? How can centering your awareness in your body help you seize and wield the power of a scene? How can you protect your mental, emotional, and energetic resources, even in in the midst of a chaotic crowd?

Join us to explore the fundamental principles of grounding, centering, and shielding, and learn how to use these techniques to enhance our kink.

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Hunters and Angels


Hunters & Angels encompasses the whimsical, colorful, and sometimes erotic illustrations and select crafts of Alissa M. Terracciano. She derives inspiration from folklore and mythology, fairy tales, fashion, fandom, and pop culture for her original and fannish-inspired works.

Come be a part of the Patreon for Hunters & Angels

Alissa also has a passion for writing short stories, creating intricate articulated paper dolls, and drawing erotic art of feminine men with soft colors and delicate details, exploring various kinks and fetishes such as BDSM and crossdressing.

She also hand makes all her crafts herself. Each paper doll is drawn, assembled, and cut traditionally by hand to be a one of a kind original, and many of her stickers and other products are cut and assembled by hand as well. She even does most of the printing and cutting for the output of her own digital illustrations.

When seeking specialty item printing, such as her holographic sparkle bookmarks or acrylic charms, she searches hard to ensure she picks a company that will provide you with the best possible quality for a truly unique and beautiful printed item. No matter what she’s working on, Alissa aims to tell a story with a whimsical flair in a single image or craft, providing you with a piece of art you can cherish for a long time to come.

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Hypnosis 101

Drawing by @sangii

Drawing by @sangii

Hypnosis is a diverse and useful art both in and out of kink, but starting off can be intimidating. With what seems like an endless variety of inductions and techniques, it’s hard to know where to start.

Join D-Artagnan and Mailody in learning some of the basic techniques and tropes behind hypnosis, alongside ethical negotiation practices to get you started off. After each demonstration, the induction will be described clearly by both the hypnotist and subject with time allotted to answer questions.

This class is suitable for beginners.

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Hypnosis for Fear-Play

We’ve all had the paranoid notion that the creaking noise coming from downstairs was not “just the pipes” but a maniac with a hatchet. Through Hypnosis, we can take advantage of that feeling and have some fun with it. If that description didn’t scare you away (see what I did there) join D’artagnan in learning how to set up the most frightening possible scene with your partner(s). Through a series of demos, Q&A sessions, and open discussion we’ll go over the best way to scare the daylights out of someone while staying risk aware enough to make sure no one’s scared off for good.

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Impact and D/s

​Fate’s arrow, when expected, travels slow.
Dante Alighieri

This workshop will look at principles of impact play in general, and combine them with concepts in using impact for D/s purposes.

Do you need to be a heavy masochist to achieve D/s states while receiving a beating? How might the mental and physical interact in ways which create stronger intellectual and emotional responses? What’s the intellectual value in smacking someone around? What sorts of social and cultural forces can affect and enhance our play? Can we address mind-body duality in ways which leave awesome bruises?

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Industrial DisEase Toys

IDEWe offer a full range of sensation, impact and violet wand toys, as well as steampunk canes, accessories and clothing. Come check out our sensation paws and infinite twists great for making you the most popular person at any play party.
We manufacture our toys for the best possible effect and you have to try it to believe it.

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Intersections of Gender & Kink

There are a lot of uninformed and at times silly questions people want to ask about gender, a whole lot. What better way to clear things up than by asking you, the audience, some silly questions?

This class will cover the basics of gender, sex, and expression while posing tough questions like “Should I bring my flogger to the office?” and “Are you a top or a bottom?”.

Hopefully by the end of the class you’ll better understand what might be important to your partners, how gender can fit in your toy box with the floggers, and how get on to the fun parts without sticking your foot in your mouth.

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Kinky Geeks of Color & Allies


This will be a space where we can discuss not only current issues but feelings when it comes to being a kinkster of color.

There will be several panelists who will give their own thoughts about a variety of topics. If you have questions, come and ask them. If you feel comfortable listening, listen with open ears.

This is for all the heroes, villains, sidekicks, minions, allies in crime or justice, those unaligned or even a muggle. See you there!

Brave-Dance is just a fun, loving geeky guy who loves getting people together to talk, laugh and learn new things whether it’s about real issues or other important issues, like ponies.

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Kinky Spirits

kinkyspiritsKinky Spirits is a full service adult retailer, who carries everything from the simplest of vibrators to the most extreme in fetish and kink. Can’t find something that is right for you? Feel free to give us a call so that we may assist you in your buying process. We are constantly adding new additions to our website and hope to hear from you if you have any suggestions or know of something you want but don’t see that we carry it. Keep in mind certain items are special order only and will take extra time to arrive. Kinky Spirits prides itself in doing what is best for the customer.

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A Kinky Wind Blows

A Kinky Wind Blows is based on the icebreaker activity “A Cold Wind Blows”.

While it bears a resemblance to musical chairs there are no winners or losers in this game. This activity is the perfect way to meet and get to know fellow kinksters; especially if this is your first time at GKE! Everyone is welcome to come on down and have a good time as this event is carefully balanced so that everyone can participate no matter what your comfort level.

Moderated by BigMeatyClaws

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Littles’ Swim Lesson

Intro swim lesson for littles with Miss Poly. No water experience necessary. Will learn fundamentals of floating, scooping, kicking, and getting our faces wet!

Bathing suits required. No diapers in the pool.

Bigs are welcome, but not required.

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​​Living an “Out” Poly Life​


What does it mean to be “out” as poly? How do we decide, singly and as part of poly families what our level of openness in the broader world should be, and how do we go about following through on that choice?

Join me while we discuss the the pros and cons of openness, from letting a few friends know you’re poly, to showing the tellers at the bank pictures of your poly family or going way out like like my family when we had our poly hand-fasting filmed for national television.

And when you’ve done all that, how do you then explain about the complexities of dissolving poly relationships if it comes to it…

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The Many Moods of Bondage (Demo)

A tie can possess many moods, from erotic, to dominating, to violent, to protecting.

This class looks at those moods, where the top should draw inspiration from, what things to add to the scene to make that flow, and what it looks like when they come together.

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Massage as Service

In this hands-on class we’ll be exploring basic hand and foot massage and how we can apply it as a form of service. For those not specifically service-oriented, come learn how to give a great hand and foot massage. Be prepared to bare your piggies.

Partners not required; we’ll try to pair everyone up.

All touch is consensual and you do not have to participate.

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Mental Health and BDSM

Do you or someone in your life deal with mental health issues? Mental illness is an extremely common but little understood and highly stigmatized issue in our society.

In this class we will talk about some of the basics of mental illness and how it can affect you and loved ones in the context of kink and BDSM. We will cover different mental illness, coping techniques for everyone affected by mental illness, how to be supportive and be supported, and how to differentiate between therapeutic activities and therapy and where kink fits in that spectrum.

This class is taught from the joint perspective of Claudia, mental health professional with a clinical background and Lilah, who is currently in recovery from a long history of serious mental illness and has extensive experience treatment modalities.

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Mr. Malaprop Design


Mr. Malaprop Design produces a variety of unique impact toys made from select domestic and exotic hardwoods. All of my work is brought to a distinctively high finish with tung oil, wax, and elbow grease.  They are finished to a very high standard.

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Negotiation for Introverts

Negotiation is important; we all know that, but for some of us with introversion or anxiety, negotiation can also be terrifying. Ever felt like you just freeze up when trying to talk to a partner? Or that you have too much to say and not enough structure to say it? You’re not alone!

In this workshop we’ll look at ways to negotiate and express oneself that are off the beaten path including negotiation notebooks, hands-on learning, games, and active/guided listening techniques.

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Penile Anatomy for Play


There’s more to know than you think! Join kinkster and cock aficionado extraordinaire Wintersong for a fun and informative exploration of the ins and outs of cocks, balls and more.

Learn about the eight zones of penile sensitivity, strategies and techniques for a variety of play, and more anatomy than you can shake a dick at.

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and your (or someone else’s) genitals will thank you.

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Pokey Pointies 101

In this class we will go over the basics of needle play.

Safety, art, trouble shooting designs, different techniques of putting needles in and taking them out will be covered here.

This will mainly be an arts and crafts/show and tell class. It will even go over what to do in the event of an unwanted needle stick to the top.

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Pokies and Pointies: Master Level

This is a class for people who want to take their needle play beyond the realm of art and into the sadism category.

There will not be a syllabus, so people should come with things they want to cover.

Potential things could be: impact over needles, more advanced stacking techniques, larger art pieces, blood letting, or piercing in unconventional spots.

This will not be a hand on class.

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Practical Skills for Dealing With Abuse in the Scene

What can you do if a friend is experiencing abuse? How can you respond when you find out a play partner has been abusive? What’s most helpful when someone tells you about past abuse? This class will cover what abuse looks like generally and in the scene.

We will talk about and practice skills for dealing with abuse when it comes up in real life situations.

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Rhythmic Geeky Impact Play

We will be discussing and demonstrating rhythmic impact play using hands, floggers, slappers, and other tools using as background music the soundtrack to our geeky tendencies: anime soundtracks, sci-fi TV and movie soundtracks, and more. 1-2-3-Whack!

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Rope 101: The Basics

Single Columns, Double Columns and square knots oh my!

Come and enjoy the thrill of rope through your fingers and over your body. Rope can be quick and harsh, soft and sensual, or cold and technical. The first step to any rope scene, is learning the ropes. Let’s take that first step together.

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Rope 201

You’ve learned single columns, double columns, harnesses and hitches. In this class we will play rope games dedicated to honing your rope identity and cultivating your strengths and weaknesses into wonderful original work.

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Sex (and/or Kink) and Disability


We can’t all be perfect specimens of physical and mental health. In fact, many of us are in some way for lack of a better word, broken. This may pre-date our being sexually active, or it could be more a recent development. It can take many different forms and can affect our lives, and yes our sex lives in a wide variety of ways.

Let’s get together and discuss issues such as: how does one explore safe play within our limitations, how do we find satisfying substitutions for favored activities that may now have become off limits, how do we talk to an erotic partner about our boundaries without freaking them out, and how can we incorporate our disability into our play in positive and healthy ways?

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The Sex Ed You Wish You’d Had!

The Sex Ed you wish you’d had for the life you now have!

Let’s go back to the basics: safer sex practices for all kinds of sex, good and bad lubes, body practicality for impact play and rope work, and what to do when something goes wrong. Allergies, infections, and injuries, and how to handle them.

Sex is great, and it should be fun and safe!

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Sex Geek Applied – All about Lube


Why do so many sex shops seem to have an entire wall devoted to nothing but lube? It all does the same thing, right?

Not quite!

Come explore the subtleties of different types, from water-based to silicone to oil! What lubes work best for your favorite kinds of play? Do ingredients matter, and are there some better avoided? Come learn how to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

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Sex in LARP with Ars Armandi

If boffer swords simulate the adrenaline rush of combat in Live-Action Role-Play, then what can simulate the hormonal rush of sex in a safe way in LARP?

Ars Amandi is mechanic designed by Emma Wieslander to answer that question. Come experience and discuss this method for role-playing sex by the touching of hands and arms. The workshop requires neither a partner nor prior LARP experience.

We will begin and end with discussion, but most of the workshop will have attendees trying out Ars Amandi and playing out some small scenes.

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Sex, Relationships, and Psychic Vampires


Come learn about energy vampirism in this practical guide to intimate relationships with vampires. We’ll discuss different types of energy vampires, explore various ways in which energy vampirism affects sex and relationship dynamics, and learn how to utilize those dynamics in positive, constructive, and downright sexy ways.

We’ll even get a little hands-on experience interacting with a psychic vampire.

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Superhero Takedowns

Rough body play is the delightful art of using your own, and your partner’s body as your primary toy bag for your favorite scene encounter. Superheroes are the costumed individuals who have somehow acquired powers beyond the human norm.

This class explores the combination of these two ideas, trying to bring a sense of Role Play and practical application to the hot Superhero scene that you’ve been fantasizing about. Some of these techniques can cause damage, cause permanent damage, cause an origin, or actually kill your partner if mistakes are made, so this is, by definition edge-play.

Come and explore where your imagination and some body-skills can take us.

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That’s What Ze Said: Let’s Talk About Pronouns

He? She? Ey? Ze? They? What do I say? In this workshop we’ll look at the myriad of different English pronouns in existence today, where they come from, and how to use them.

We’ll talk about ways to ask for pronouns, how to respect pronoun preferences, and how to wrap your head around alternative/gender-neutral pronoun options.

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Trans*Figure Drawing with Sangii

Need to get those creative juices flowing? Come express yourself through art!

We will be instructing a full course on the art of nude model figure drawing. Poses will range from 2 to 20 minutes long, with several different models in rotation to choose from.

All of our models are trans*spectrum identified individuals, with a diverse range of body types and expressions. We will be working in charcoal, with all supplies provided.

This class is 100% beginner-friendly, so even if you have never drawn in your life, you are welcome to join!

Please note: There is a $5 materials fee. Tipping the models for their time is permitted.

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Transformation and Hypnosis (I’m a Fairy Goddam Princess and So Can You!)

Drawing by @sangii

Drawing by @sangii

3..2..1 aand you’re a dragon.

While it might not be that simple, hypnosis can be used for all sorts of fantastical forms of transformation play. Whether it’s making your partner feel like they really do have that extra set of ears and a tail, or making them feel like something from another world, hypnotic trance can make it happen. Join D-Artagnan and Mailody in testing the limits of hypnotic transformation in a safe and interactive environment.

While this is an intermediate to advanced level class, beginners are always welcome.

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Violet Wand: Advanced


Class may include the following topics: a brief overview of the safety necessary for the violet wand, using the violet wand along with conductive rope and Shibari techniques, which provides a way to bring predicament bondage into the play, use of the violet wand for temporary branding, and fire play.

Fire play with violet wand is an interesting way to bring fire play into venues where traditional fire play is not allowed. Fire play with the violet wand can be both relaxing and sadistic.

The advanced class also covers skin care and after care for that type of play. A short tip sheet handout is offered to attendees.

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Violet Wand: Introduction


A brief overview of the history, discussion of safety and health issues, an introduction of techniques and the comparison between older violet wand technologies and techniques and the more modern ones in use today.

This class also presents an opportunity for participants to experience the sensations of the violet wand, including direct and indirect contact. This is a hands-on as well a discussion based class.

A two-and-a-half page handout is offered to all attendees.this handout contains information on basic safety as well as a list of common FAQs.

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Wrestling with the Inner Demons

This class is about coming to terms with the desires to do consensual things to other people that go against the social conventions of the society you move through.

The interactive class helps explore what difficulties you and others might encounter both within yourself, and when interacting with the society in a greater sense. This class doesn’t have one right, true way, but will help explore a number of paths that might help in the conflict.

60 minutes to 2 Hours
Lecture and discussion
Not necessary
Bring with
An open mind and your questions
Comfortable to sit in
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