Littles’ Swim Lesson

Intro swim lesson for littles with Miss Poly. No water experience necessary. Will learn fundamentals of floating, scooping, kicking, and getting our faces wet!

Bathing suits required. No diapers in the pool.

Bigs are welcome, but not required.

Fear Play

There is no passion so contagious as that of fear.
Michel de Montaigne

Fear is excitement without breath.
Robert Heller

How do we approach the art of creating, sculpting, and using the element of fear in our play?

This introduction to fearplay will approach it from angles both physical and psychological.

There will also be hypnosis, though you don’t need to do, or be interested in, hypnosis to enjoy this class.

Trans*Figure Drawing with Sangii

Need to get those creative juices flowing? Come express yourself through art!

We will be instructing a full course on the art of nude model figure drawing. Poses will range from 2 to 20 minutes long, with several different models in rotation to choose from.

All of our models are trans*spectrum identified individuals, with a diverse range of body types and expressions. We will be working in charcoal, with all supplies provided.

This class is 100% beginner-friendly, so even if you have never drawn in your life, you are welcome to join!

Please note: There is a $5 materials fee. Tipping the models for their time is permitted.

Dirty Shakespeare


The Bard was not the over analyzed, over studied playwright reserved for classrooms and snooty films we know today. He was a popular entertainer, beloved by the groundlings as much as the hoi polloi.

We will read over a few of Shakespeare’s filthiest scenes, unbury the dirty jokes from the scholarly dust, and have fun with Dramatic Reading.

Flagging Crafting and History!


Flagging is the use of accessories to indicate your interest in certain activities without a word!

This class will teach a little bit about the history and traditions of flagging in Gay, Leather, and BSDM subcultures. We will brainstorm ways to adapt flagging to today’s scene while respecting that history and queering modern applications to fit todays culture. Discuss basic how-tos, brainstorming about the limits of flagging, and questions of consent will be covered also.

After class we will provide fabric and other crafting materials for you to make your own mini-flags and there MIGHT be coloring.


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