brazenprofessor is actively engaged in the Boston kink and rope communities. She trained in Muay Thai for six years, and fought on the amateur circuit until cartilage injuries put an end to high impact sport. Her approach to rope and kink focuses on risk awareness and clear communication. brazenprofessor firmly believes that communication is a technical skill that must be learned and practiced.

In real life brazenprofessor is, in fact, a college professor. She has published a number of articles on fighting and BDSM, and has presented on a range of communication topics at 20+ national and international academic conferences.

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Developing your rope risk profile

Rope involves risk. Both the fibers we use and the people we tie with are imperfect. We can’t control everything that happens in a scene. But we can make informed choices about which types of risk we may be more willing, or entirely unwilling, to assume.

Risk profiles are highly individual creatures: what seems reasonable to one person may not make sense for another. Class participants will actively work through a framework identifying the various levels of risk involved with different types of ties and suspensions. The purpose of the class is to encourage participants to develop their individual risk profile, and to consider how that profile can function as a foundation for play and communication.

This class is taught from a bottom’s perspective, but will also be useful for tops interested in thinking through and developing a framework for what types of risk they are comfortable in engaging.
Though focused on rope-related risk, those interested in impact or edge play may also find the framework to be valuable in their kink activities.

Revenge of the words: Communication in and out of scene

Wording is hard. Finding the right language to express who you are and what you like and what you want is complicated. It gets even more complicated because people don’t always interpret what we say in the way we intended it.

Come and learn about how to write profiles that reflect your identity and communicate your personality, how to use words for impact in journal/blog entries, as well as how to use writing erotica as a negotiation tool / scene description. The class will be driven by participants’ interests, and may also cover how to word introduction emails, dating profiles, and frameworks for negotiation, depending on what participants are interested in.


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