AzureByte is an out and about human who thrives on combining interesting things, ideas, and concepts just to see what will happen. In their free time they like to bake, craft, cuddle, and generally make the people around them feel amazing. Their day job involves pondering all the ways that a certain compound can prove lethal, while simultaneously extolling its fitness benefits. For fun they present workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from gender and theology to self-care and crafting, which they’ve been doing since 2011.

Littles Swim with Songs & Games

Attention all you little ones and kids at heart! Come join us for aquatic adventures! This pre-school themed workshop provides an opportunity to (re)learn how to swim with songs and games to suit the most high-energy youngsters. We’ll explore getting in the water, blowing bubbles with the fish, diving for treasure, and lots of other fun water skill building games. No previous swimming ability is required, all are welcome.


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