Photo Policy

We value your art, but we value your privacy more.

  1. Do not take photos of other people, even people in the background, without their consent.
  2. At Registration you will be asked if you would like a photo opt-in wristband.
  3. Do not take photos of people without the opt in wristband.
  4. Cameras are ONLY allowed in the dungeons for the photo hours, which are the first four hours each Dungeon is open on each day of the event.
  5. By reviewing these rules, you agree that GKE: NE and Jeff Mach Events have the right to delete or destroy by any means necessary any photos which you take that do not conform to this policy and furthermore that any copyrights which would be assigned to you as the photographer transfer to Jeff Mach Events.
  6. Violating the photo policy is grounds for removal without refund from the event.