"Boardgaming" - Geeky Kink Event photo by Nathanatos.

“Boardgaming” – Geeky Kink Event photo by Nathanatos.

Geeky Kink Event: New England FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is The Geeky Kink Event: New England?
The Geeky Kink Event: New England (or GKE: NE) will be held the weekend of August 11-13, 2017.
Where is The Geeky Kink Event: New England?

The Holiday Inn Hartford Downtown Area

100 East River Drive
East Hartford, CT 06108

You can ake reservations by calling 877-834-3613 and using Group Code GKN, or use that same code with this Reservation link.

Who can go to The Geeky Kink Event: New England?
The Geeky Kink Event: New England is open to patrons ages 19+. 18 year olds who have or will have graduated high school by August 14th may apply in advance to the Executive Board by asking us for a waiver.
What are the rules?
Please read and familiarize yourself with the Geeky Kink Event: New England Rules.This includes:  General Event Rules, Alcoholic Beverage and Drug Policy, Smoking Policy, Age & Photo ID Policy, Pool Rules, Dress Code, Photo Policy, and Weapons Policy.

Please also read and familiarize yourself with the Jeff Mach Events Harassment Policy

Is advanced purchase required / Are there tickets at the door?
Yes, an advance  purchase is required. We sell memberships to the Geeky Kink Event: NE online.

Memberships are NOT on sale at the door.
Memberships must be purchased in advance for GKE: NE.

You can purchase memberships online here while sales are open.

Membership sales close July 30th.

Can I buy a single day membership?
Our existing pricing is already at what would be single-day pricing for other events.  So all GKE: NE memberships are for the entire 3 day event. You are welcome to purchase a membership and only attend one or two days, but there are no single day tickets.
How much does it cost?
Registration fee is currently $99. Hardship discounts may be available on a case-by-case basis. Please email [email protected], if you need to request a hardship discount.
Do I need to print anything in advance?
No. You do not need to bring printed information to GKE: NE. Your registration information will be checked on-site at registration against the government issued photo ID you provide.  ONLY the registrar, which is specially hired for this event, will see that ID.
Do I need ID? Is my ID safe?
Yes. You must provide a government issued photo ID in order to pick up your Badge. The name on your ID must match the name you registered with. More details in the Age & Photo ID Policy.
I got here before my friends. Can I pick up their badges?
No. For security reasons, you may only pick up your own badge.
If I lose my badge, can I get another?
You can get one replacement for a lost badge for free. The second one costs $5. You must show your Photo ID to replace a lost badge.
What can I do at the Box Office?
  • Pick up your GKE: NE badge upon presentation and confirmation of identity (Photo ID required)
  • Purchase a replacement badge if you lose yours.
What can’t I do at the Box Office?
The Box Office is unfortunately neither equipped nor trained for the following:

  • Lost & Found
  • Merch Sales
  • Information – we just do tickets, we’re not the info booth, sorry!
What can I do at The Geeky Kink Event: New England?
The Geeky Kink Event: New England is a full-fledged, weekend-long kink event for geeky people, with all the amenities of a full-scale kink event, PLUS unique geeky delights like our ballpit, classes which combine geek and kink (ranging from classes for beginners to classes for the extremely experienced); lots events created specifically for geeky kinky people  – and tons of social activities, great classes and workshops, a lovely dungeon, splendid vendors, and general good times. Peruse the website, for more details!
Is there a schedule?
The schedule will be online as soon as it is ready, which is likely to be finalized no more than a week before the event.
I want to vend at The Geeky Kink Event: New England. How do I apply?

Check out the vending info, including whether or not vending is still open, at on the Vendor Page.

I want to present at GKE:NE! How do I apply?

Presenter registrations are now closed for 2017; you might want to look into presenting at The Geeky Kink Event Classic, which takes place in November in New Jersey.
I want to volunteer at The Geeky Kink Event: New England. How do I do that?
We accept volunteers to help with many aspects of running The Geeky Kink Event: New England. Volunteers get a special rate on tickets, and other perks. Please fill out the contact form!
What if I have more questions?
Fill out our contact form, or talk to us on Fetlife.com at The GKE New England Group; and/or The General Geeky Kink Event Group!